• Our average deck is 500sq’. For reference, this is a deck large enough for 3 distinct living spaces. Large Table, outdoor couch, and grilling area. More broadly our projects fall between 200-1200sq’. Projects <200sq’ require cheaper labor to remain competitive and projects >1200sq’ require more labor to be competitive. However there are exceptions and we are more than happy to discuss your project should you fall outside of these parameters.
  • Re-Decks. This is a great option for many homeowners with existing decks. We inspect your existing frame thoroughly, and if we are confident in the structure, we can upgrade your old wood deck to a low maintenance oasis in very little time and a much reduced price compared to new deck builds. However, not every old deck can undergo this upgrade, doing so with a questionable structure can lead to catastrophe. Unfortunately many contractors will push this option regardless of frame condition because of the “in and out” nature of the project. You must be careful with who you trust to make this decision. Trust us.
  • We use Trex outdoor living products. It’s the best product line available in the market therefore this is what we use. If at any point a different company offers a better performing product line we will pivot immediately. More specifically we use Trex Transcend decking, their top of the line option. In our opinion once the decision is made to invest in an outdoor space, saving a small percentage of the total cost by dropping down in quality is a mistake.
  • Our designs focus on maximizing your usable space. Over designing is a problem in our opinion. Complicated designs add excess cost and lock homeowners into using the outdoor space in one way for the life of the deck. Things change, lets build a deck that is flexible enough to change with your needs over time.
  • The average cost of our projects are $50-70/per sq’. Why such a large spread? Cost/sq’ is a complicated blend of multiple aspects. Design efficiency, elevation, number of stairs, material choices, and features all factor in. Our goal is to meet your needs at the lowest cost/sq’ possible without compromising the integrity of the investment.


  • Deck repair, painting, staining.
  • Wood decks. We believe wood can still be a smart option for some homeowners but we only build with high end composite decking. Happy to discuss should you have additional questions.
  • Decks around or adjacent to above ground pools.
  • Porches
  • Roofed structures. As a 2 man crew this requires more hands then we have. It would take us too long and cost you too much to have us build a roofed structure. It is in your best interest to hire a larger outfit for these reasons.
  • Curves. Just because we can should we? It’s an industry design fad in our opinion which adds excess cost for the benefit of cool pictures. There is generally no practical reason for this feature and usually it doesn’t even fit aesthetically with typical single family homes in New Jersey. For us, it’s a waste of your money.