J&S Deck Builders of New Jersey

Thank you for visiting and welcome to J&S Decks Builders of New Jersey. Our company is run by co-owners Scott Winchell and Jon Mignano. We’ve been owner operated since we founded our company in 2009 and we have dug every footing and installed every deck board since. It gives us great pride knowing how hard we’ve worked to build 100s of projects for homeowners across the state. Through our journey we have learned a lot about ourselves and the industry as a whole. In time every successful construction company reaches a point where they feel pressure to expand and grow the business. We have certainly discussed it, but having previous experience working for a larger company ourselves, we have made the conscious decision to remain a small owner operated business. This decision allows us to be completely aligned with the best interests of you, the homeowner. The more we efficiently meet your needs and maximize your investment, the more successful we are from our perspective. Why? How?

The answer lies in what it takes to be successful as a large company vs a small company. We don’t claim to be more successful than our larger competitors but rather we define our success differently. Of course all businesses need to turn a profit, but how the profit is made becomes the more pressing concern. A larger business obviously has more employees, more overhead, subcontractors, more moving parts. The number of decks become key, and the more you build the better. The goal above all else and by any means necessary is to always build more decks as fast as possible. Think McDonalds, but instead of burgers, decks.

With our business, we have very little overhead, no employees and simple repeatable goals. As a 2 man operation we can only build somewhere in the range of 20 decks a year. The key for us becomes the type of projects we build, not how many. We are contacted by hundreds of prospective homeowners a year but we need to find the best possible projects for us. Yes, this unfortunately means we cannot help everyone, but it also means honing in on what we do best for homeowners looking for a company exactly like ours. Simply put, we build perfect decks. Our designs will meet your needs without excess, and features we recommend are worth the investment long term. This is the business model which brings us fulfillment, and by repeating this process since 2009 we’ve achieved our definition of success. We won’t be the cheapest and we may be booked a bit further out, but no one is dedicated to this type of process like we are. Read our reviews or ask our previous clients directly, you’ll have complete access to our portfolio. The only question remaining is are you looking for what we offer?